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Thursday, April 06, 2006

America's Next Top Celebrity Sighting


I totally just shared an elevator with Tyra Banks!

Why she was in my office building, I don't know. But I went downstairs for a late morning snack, only to arrive back at the elevator bank in back of a very tall, chatty black woman. My train of thought: Wow, that girl's tall. And she's still wearing heels! Those aren't the cutest heels, though. The slingback strap's hanging down and her toes are way over the edge there. And what's with the cheap looking rhinestones? Hey, her hair looks kinda Tyraish from the back, except with maybe less volume up on top there. Oh wait. Hang on. THAT'S TYRA! Ooh, look at her with her tallness and her shiny nose. Still, she seems nice. She's talking with that guy she's with and all excited. She's saying 'Oh, I know him! He's always talking to my Mom.' (Does Tyra ever utter a sentence without mentioning her Mom? I think she was probably talking about a celebrity the way she was so animated. Kind of like the way I am now!)

Tyra was wearing a long leather coat, so I couldn't see much of her, but I gotta say. I like me some Tyra.