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Monday, February 27, 2006

Hi, I'm Zoe. Also? Trying to be the Ultimate Blogger

UPDATE: Check out my entry for Challenge 1: Queer Eye for the Lost Guy. Whatever I write next, I promise it will be here, and it will be liptastic.

Ultimate Blogger 2.

Duh Duh DUHHH.

Do you see my photo there? Yeah, I'm a competitor. Under my "real" name, Zoe. If I'm not voted off early, this will be a four week competition, wherein I'll be responding to various blog challenges.

I will make every best effort to also stay devoted to the informed--yet oh so fun!--beauty and health (um, who are we kidding with that one) posts here at home. Expect a delightful lip product post soon, my dearies!

If you want to leave me nice Ultimate Blogger 2 comments? It might make me more popular. The captain of the Ultimate Blogger football team might even ask me to the pep rally! Oh, to be Blogcoming Queen. You can start by searching out "Zoe's" post here, at the "Den."

But on this page, I will remain as always,
Real Girl