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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Last Minute Lip Gloss Switcheroo

Oh, crap it all to hell. Real Girl is not in a good mood. Today seems to have conspired against her in many, many ways, and she is overworked and underpaid.

The End.

By the way? The room spray I am longing to tell you about? Is no longer listed on the company website. This means I need to go to the actual store. In person. Using my feet. To see if it is still available. If not? It has been DISCONTINUED, and I will cry. Because it’s that kind of day. And DISCONTINUED is that kind of word.

But you know what will make me feel better? Telling you about yet ANOTHER lip gloss you should take a look at. I know. We’ve been very lippy lately, but it’s a last minute substitution, and it tastes yummy.

I have a new favorite nighttime lip gloss. It’s the perfect mix of deep bronze and gold. It’s shiny, similar in texture to my MAC lip glosses I would say. And it tastes like cake. Want to meet it? I introduce you to Tutti Dolci lip gloss in Tiramisu Veneziano. Available at your local Bath and Body Works. (Which, by the way? Has some fascinating new skin care and makeup lines!)

There is much I enjoy about this lip gloss. 1) Yummy. We’ve been over that. Tastes like dessert! With no Jessica Simpson involved! 2) Moisturizing! A great lip gloss for winter. I’m so glad makeup companies have realized that gloss? Should make our lips feel good. But here’s what I love most about this lip gloss line. It’s so easy these days to find glosses in pinks, reds, purples. Makeup companies seem to love those colors as if they’re being paid to. But Tutti Dolci’s colors? Why don’t I just show you a few, hmmm? Even the pink has a dusty, softened tone that I just want to eat up.


Creme Brulee

Sugar Water

Mango Sorbetto

What’s more? I’m kind of in love with the whole idea of the Tutti Dolci line. I’m a dessert scent gal all the way, and I wouldn’t mind trying a few more of these goodies down the road. Because my new lip gloss? It is so Dolce! And I love it so Tutti!

Next time you’re at Bath and Body Works, take a peek. Let me know what you think. Because I’ve got my Dolci on now, and all I want to do is enjoy the sweet, sweet moisture. What would life be like without lip gloss? I don’t even want to imagine it. I might get wrinkles.

Tell me about your favorite makeup/skin care scents. Your new lip crazes. Your favorite Bath and Body Works products. Your...anything! Anything at all.

Love you guys!
Real Girl