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Monday, March 27, 2006

Preparing for...SUN!

As you know by now, last week's scheduled Real Girl writing night fell victim to the America's Next Top Model drinking game. (A contestant does not "believe in herself." Drink! Guest spot by crazy Janice Dickenson. Drink! Model stumbles in high heels. Drink! Model must work that much harder because she is the shortest of the group. Drink!)

But have you noticed? The sunny months are approaching. Yay!! However, spring and summer are also when your skin will need its greatest protection. Along with sunscreen, you should be thinking about antioxidants. Studies have proven that antioxidants increase the efficacy of sunscreen and provide your cells with the chemical reactions needed to fight free radical damage.

The annoying part? Cosmetics aren't tightly regulated. So a skin care company can claim it's got all the antioxidants in the world, but very often? The concentrations are too low to do any good. HATE THAT. Also, for the finer antioxidants like white and green tea, often companies will jack up the price to exorbitant levels. HATE THAT.

Monday night I'll be sharing my favorite antioxidant product--the one that offers the greatest concentration of ingredients for the best value. Will we be hitting both oily skin and dry skin? Of course!

And does my search for the ultimate sunscreen continue? Well, duh!

If you want, you can use the comments here to suggest sunscreens for me to test and examine.

And we'll finish this post up Monday night! xx

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Real Girl Needs Your Help!!

UDATE: If you mention the below on your blogs and link to by 3 PM Tuesday 3/21, I'll mention you in the Ultimate Blogger challenge, and you could get tons of hits!! Let me know in the comments.

Real Girl Beauty readers are some of the most supportive people in cyberland, so I'm hoping you'll all help me with my next Ultimate Blogger challenge. I've got to recruit creative people! That's you guys!! (AND For all of you FED UP with Ultimate Blogger, there's only one week left of the competition. Promise!)

Plus? It's a really fun challenge. I'm asking people to describe--or even post pictures of!--the outfit(s) they've worn that should have never left the closet.

AWESOMELY BAD OUTFITS! Click here to read all about it and add yours!! The deadline? Is This Tuesday, March 21, at 3PM EST.

I've also created an excellent Flickr group for sharing pictures in case you want to dig out some of those bad boys! Come join the fun.

The one above? Is my Bat Mitzvah dress, 1989. Turquoise taffeta. Stop being so jealous.

Thanks in advance for this, guys. You're doing an old broad a GREAT favor!
And soon, we'll be talking all about luscious beauty products again and forever more.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Man Care: The Ultimate Blogger Linkaroo

Update: Immunity!!! My man-care Real Girl entry won me a guaranteed pass to participate in the next Ultimate Blogger Bloggerific challenge. Wheeeee!!! Real Girl's happyyyyy! (As will be many, many women with newly groomtastic boyfriends.)

Finally, my dearests. A challenge on Ultimate Blogger where Zoe can write as Real Girl. For my latest entry, I wrote all about Grooming for Men. It? Was exhausting.

I'm a wee bit sad, my lovelies. We were asked to showcase our expertises. Clearly you know what mine is. But the Ultimate Blogger judges tend to go gaga over computers, technology, videos...and that's everyone's specialty but mine. So I think I'm a bit of an underdog this time around, and I'm just hoping to stay in the competition and last one more week.

I've worked so, so hard. And if nothing else, I hope you guys enjoy the Man version of RGB!!

Much love,
Real Girl

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Last Minute Lip Gloss Switcheroo

Oh, crap it all to hell. Real Girl is not in a good mood. Today seems to have conspired against her in many, many ways, and she is overworked and underpaid.

The End.

By the way? The room spray I am longing to tell you about? Is no longer listed on the company website. This means I need to go to the actual store. In person. Using my feet. To see if it is still available. If not? It has been DISCONTINUED, and I will cry. Because it’s that kind of day. And DISCONTINUED is that kind of word.

But you know what will make me feel better? Telling you about yet ANOTHER lip gloss you should take a look at. I know. We’ve been very lippy lately, but it’s a last minute substitution, and it tastes yummy.

I have a new favorite nighttime lip gloss. It’s the perfect mix of deep bronze and gold. It’s shiny, similar in texture to my MAC lip glosses I would say. And it tastes like cake. Want to meet it? I introduce you to Tutti Dolci lip gloss in Tiramisu Veneziano. Available at your local Bath and Body Works. (Which, by the way? Has some fascinating new skin care and makeup lines!)

There is much I enjoy about this lip gloss. 1) Yummy. We’ve been over that. Tastes like dessert! With no Jessica Simpson involved! 2) Moisturizing! A great lip gloss for winter. I’m so glad makeup companies have realized that gloss? Should make our lips feel good. But here’s what I love most about this lip gloss line. It’s so easy these days to find glosses in pinks, reds, purples. Makeup companies seem to love those colors as if they’re being paid to. But Tutti Dolci’s colors? Why don’t I just show you a few, hmmm? Even the pink has a dusty, softened tone that I just want to eat up.


Creme Brulee

Sugar Water

Mango Sorbetto

What’s more? I’m kind of in love with the whole idea of the Tutti Dolci line. I’m a dessert scent gal all the way, and I wouldn’t mind trying a few more of these goodies down the road. Because my new lip gloss? It is so Dolce! And I love it so Tutti!

Next time you’re at Bath and Body Works, take a peek. Let me know what you think. Because I’ve got my Dolci on now, and all I want to do is enjoy the sweet, sweet moisture. What would life be like without lip gloss? I don’t even want to imagine it. I might get wrinkles.

Tell me about your favorite makeup/skin care scents. Your new lip crazes. Your favorite Bath and Body Works products. Your...anything! Anything at all.

Love you guys!
Real Girl

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Benelip! It's Beneriffic! Benelieve Me!

Hello you patient people!

Thanks so much for understanding as I brave the wilds of Ultimate Blogger 2. It’s been less than a week, and let me tell you it’s already a long, strange trip! But one I’m having fun on. I’ll send you a postcard saying “Wish you were here!” with cute kiss marks on the front.

And speaking…of…kiss marks…

Can I just tell you about my new lip obsession? Or, wait. Let me show you. Enlarge the picture over there at the right. The one where I’m holding this very product, along with last week’s precious gem. See my lips? How they look all rosy? Like they’ve been bitten gently over and over, so the flush of rushing blood seems to linger near the surface?

We can thank Benefit’s Benetint Pocket Pal for that perfect rosy color.

Now, part of this product is an old favorite to many. Benetint, the classic tint for cheeks and lips. I’ve never had much luck using the color on my cheeks—maybe you can share your application processes. I’ve always been a powder blush gal. But for lips? It’s nice, but not very purse-friendly. And also? Just the tint isn’t enough. There’s something too pink or too red when it’s on its own. The lip looks dry, flat, not as sexy as it should.

But with the clear gloss on the other side of the Pocket Pal? Magic. Sheer (punny!) lip magic. You are not looking at a pink or red gloss girl. I just don’t look good in them. But somehow, the tint-gloss combo just…shines! Love! I feel like if it's flattering on me, with my yellow-undertone skin, then it should suit many a complexion. Also, you might want to experiment with how dark you'd like the tint to be. Too much and it looks hot pink against my skin. I just brush once on upper lip and once on bottom, without re-dipping.

But girls, you know we’ve got to break it down Real Girl style. Application: Careful of that tint brush because it can tickle. Your lips are sensitive! (Like my dear, competing heart right now.) As for the gloss applicator tip? I wish it deposited more product on the lip. But if you pump and gloss a couple times you should be fine. The gloss itself is really nice! Moisturizing, light, and not too goopy or too shiny. A great winter/early spring look all around. Another great plus!? As a tint, the color won't kiss off! Sure your man (or woman--no judging here!) will wind up wearing a bit of clear gloss, but the gloss isn't that slippery, so the transfer quotient should be minimal. I say kiss away!

Now lovelies, pleeease share your Benetint experiences! Any tint experiences at all. Shout out whatever you want!

(I’ve already been answering questions from my fellow Ultimate Bloggers about ratty cuticles and flossing…from the guys! I can’t tell you how much I love that.)

(It almost feels like home!)


Thanks for your awesome support, guys. I’ll tell you one thing I know for sure: If the contest were about who has the Ultimate Readers? I’d be leaving them all in the dust!

With love,
From one Real Girl to another

P.S. Hold that tint part of the combo upright--it has spill potential when open! And spilling product is baaaaad.