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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Now You C It!

Wow, February sure went by fast. You'd think it was a shorter month or something.

Real Girl's back! And lovelies, I've got some great products to bring you in the coming weeks! But right now? We're going to revisit an old ingredient favorite. Cosmetics marketing is such that the hot new thing, the latest technology, whatever's never been seen before gets most of the attention. But one of the first beloved antioxidants should not be overlooked.

I'm talking Vitamin C here, and not in tiny concentrations.

Why C? Primarily for two reasons. 1) It helps fight UV damage, one of the prime causes of skin aging. Vitamin C won't replace sunscreen, but it will sure help it work. 2) It promotes collagen production. Collagen is the fountain of youth for skin, keeping it smooth and lifted. When the gorgeous structure of collagen begins to break down, there starts the sagging, and here come the wrinkles. So if Vitamin C's gonna help boost that collagen production? I'm all for it.

Studies show that up to a 10% concentration of Vitamin C is safe for all skin, but keep in mind that it is an acid, so you might want to go lower if you're particularly sensitive. My recommended form is a serum--to be worn close to the skin, under moisturizer/sunscreen. I've been using Obagi Professional-C Serum, 10%, which I enjoy for its easily spreadable liquid texture. I've gotten no breakouts to report, but I would recommend avoiding the lips--the serum tastes rather bitter (to you or whomever might be smoochin' you!). I would certainly, as well, consider upping my concentration to the 15%. But perhaps the 20% is just too costly.

Or if you'd like something less costly than the Obagi? All you really need is a proper concentration. My recommendation (unless you cope with sensitive skin) would be 10-15%. If you've got oily/breakout-prone skin, avoid serums with oils. Anthony Logistics has a nice 10% alternative--it may be marketed towards men, but it's still got lovely ingredients. And using my account with, I've set up this nice SEARCH for you so you can explore other options! Feel free to ask my advice on any particular Vitamin C product in the comments section.

But what vitamin serums might you use? Or have you tried Vitamin-C creams? Feel like shouting out whatever you've been holding in while I've been gone? It's nice to be back!!!

With lots of stored up love from your,
Real Girl