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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bake Sale

Mmmm. Baked goooooods. I can't help it--Real Girl loves, loves, loves beauty products that smell and taste like sugary treats. And I've found a line of treaty goodness that I just adore! You know I had to share.

Welcome to Temptations. It sounds like a soap opera name, and to that I say: Yes, Fernando, I slept with your brother before I knew he was your father while I still thought--hey, maybe he's just a cousin--and the baby is his!

Bath & Body Works continues to get the Real Girl Beauty stamp of approval, and this line is scrumptious enough to keep me testing there for hours. My current favorite scent--Crazy Caramel Corn--is no longer on the website, which is sad, but there are so many others I want to try! Can you say Frosting Forever?

For years, the paradigm of scented three-in-one shower gel/bubble bath/shampoo has been the Philosophy line. But I confess it's not my very favorite. Certain of the scents have a chemically end note, and in my experience, they don't linger on the skin after you shower. The Temptations line? Lingers. Rich. Smooth. Velvety. And non-drying! The detergent is completely gentle, and works better than the Philosophy to keep your hair from drying out. Although I personally prefer it as body wash than as shampoo.

I also adore my Temptations Spicy Gingerbread lip gloss, a caramel-bronze that I shoved under Beauty Chick's nose--madly ordering her to "smell!!!"--the last time we had girlie drinks together. To my dismay, Bath & Body Works no longer features any Temptations lip glosses on its website, and so I don't know if the product has been...gasp...oh, I don't want to say it. You know the word. Starts with a "D" and ends with an "iscontinued."

The Liplicious line, however, does have some gorgeous sounding glosses as an alternative. Caramel Latte. Hot Cakes. Maple Syrup. Cotton Candy.

Oh for beauty's sake. You know I'm making a trip to Bath & Body Works tomorrow to try this new Liplicious line.

What about you guys? What are your favorite scented treats? Favorite foody scents? Favorite Bath & Body Works products? Sharey share share!

And I remain your,
Real Girl