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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Real Girl's Tiny Piece of Fashion Week: Spring 2007 RTW

In the next week or two, you'll see a Real Girl review for a product that was sent to me by Think PR. (Hint: It's a lippie! With a twist!) The people at Think PR? Are super nice. And they've been great to Real Girl! They invited her to a slew of Project Runwaytastic events, most of which she couldn't attend. Wah. But she did manage to sneak in one show and after party, and of course I've got to report all!

Real Girl and her friend Brendon got to the Anand Jon fashion show barely on time, at 4 PM. had been rescheduled for 5 PM, and so we were early enough to watch the final walkthrough, including last minute fittings and a glimpse of someone I totally recognized. Nnenna, from America's Next Top Model, Cycle 6! Real Girl very much wanted to say to Nnenna: "Standing in front of me now, you look like a model." Sometimes I wish I can be as ridiculous as I want to be in public.

I created a whole Flickr album with handy dandy labels and comments so you can enjoy the whole show with me. (Make sure to flip through the after party pics too! But more on that later...) The garments at Anand Jon seemed luxurious, sparkly, and statement-making. Although the clothes were not particuarly my own personal taste, the whole scene was a blast! The photograhers were all snap snap snapping on one end of the room. Digital cameras were popping up at every moment, and lo and behold, who should Real Girl see right before the show?

ONLY the nicest man on reality television: Project Runway and Parson's own Tim Gunn! He could not have been more willing to smile and meet new people or pose for pics, so after the show, when I cheerfully asked, "Tim Gunn! Would you mind posing for a picture for my beauty blog?" He happily responded, "Sure!" We had a brief chat about the Project Runway alumni who were showing all over Fashion Week, and he seemed genuinely interested in their success and good well being. Truly, Tim Gunn could not have been a nicer gent.

Plus? Taking a picture with me clearly put him in so much raptures, he had to close his eyes to enjoy it. Right?

Or maybe Tim was thinking (with Real Girl) of the gratuitous Hot Guy models who paraded down the runway earlier, much to the ladies' glee. I'll just let you look through the Flickr album for that one ;)

The after party for the show at PM was later on, with plenty of time for me to mosey home and change. I was in the mood for a "that girl in the white tank top" look, which--when you see the whole outfit--was cute enough. (Do the boots look familiar?) But when you just see the white tank top in the photographs? Eh, I could have done better. Thanks to my good friend Emily for being my Real Date!

The looks I enjoyed most during fashion week were short, mod or babydoll dresses in soft colors or delicious prints. Also, long gowns with beribboned empire waists. I've compiled a luscious little slide show of the items I saw that I'd most likely actually wear. (Note: When you see the hot pants? Yeah, I'd wear the top.) Some of these looks showed up better on the TV coverage, where you could see the flow of the materials. And some of my favorite looks didn't make the cut--because I couldn't wear them. Of course I've got a Flickr album of all the dresses I want to wear. Or you can just press play below!

My three favorite sites for viewing the Spring 2007 fashions all over the world are:,, and for New York's only, New York Magazine online.

But share your favorites! What are you dying for from Fashion Week? Or what styles are you just dying for at this moment? Anything you want at all to shout out, please do!
I remain your,
Real Girl

P.S. For the offical-like photos of the Anand Jon show, click here! xx