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Thursday, September 14, 2006

These Boots Were Made For Buying

Love. Exciting and new. Come aboard. We're expecting you. The Love Booooot. Soon she'll be making another run. The Love Boooooot. Priced well enough for everyone...

Here's where Real Girl makes one of her confessions. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE a gorgeous, expensive boot. I was salivating over a pair on the subway today, worn by a chic, rail thin glamour gal, and made of the most gorgeous slouchy butter black leather I've seen in ages. Yummm.

But the thing with my more expensive shoes is that when I wear them, I'm always aware that I've got on a fashion investment that could have been a big chunk of my monthly mortgage payment. And then I'm compelled to be super duper careful. I might take a taxi instead of the subway. I can't wear them to a bar lest someone's cocktail or (ack!) beer gets spilled on my precious tootsies. It's just so And so when I find a cute as hell, moderately priced shoe or boot that 's ALSO comfortable? I jump at the chance to buy it, no matter how unfancy the label is. And those turn out to be some of my favorite shoes. The ones I can dance in, wear to the club, wear to work, wear without terror of a freak rain storm. They're stress free.

This boot? Goes beyond "moderately priced." It's $36.99. May I repeat that? THIRTY SEVEN DOLLARS for a cute boot. I have never been so thrilled to buy budget footwear in my life.

Say hello to Target's Isaac Mizrahi Chiara boot in brown, black, stone, or (not my personal fave) olive. (By the way! These links will be part of the upcoming boutique--and so totally count for RGB royalties for all you supportive beauties!) (You can also click on the images below, and that takes you to a new page! Cool, no!?)

I sent pictures of the boots to my best friend and asked her how much she thought I paid for them. Here, I shall quote her email back to me: "$150? $300?" How good does it feel to email back: "THIRTY SEVEN DOLLARS!" I know. I'm beating a dead horse. But still. You know Real Girl likes a good value.

So what are you getting for your money? Faux suede. Great for Peta lovers, not so much for boot purists. I personally have no problem with the fabric, especially because it is so comfortable. None of that breaking in that you've got to do with leather. I wore my boots with nary a blister the first time around, and the toe is not so pointy as to be uncomfortable. If you're good in any boot with a normal-to-decent sized heel, you will most likely find these confortable--so key for a gal's feet these days.

As for the quality? I give it a rating of LMETIIBYKIN: Looks More Expensive Than It Is, But You'll Know It's Not. In other words, from afar, no one should know it's a cheapie.

As for matters of fit? My foot runs between 6 and 6.5, and I'm great in the 6.5, with room for socks. Here's a crucial note, too: If you only enjoy a fully erect (hee), structured, stiff tall boot, this is not the boot for you. I personally love a little slouch to my boot, so I'm thrilled that the material has give. If you've got slender legs, your boot will slouch. But that also means there's room for larger legs. I took pictures of me in the boot to demonstrate what I'll call the Slouch Effect (first pic). And while I'm at it, I'll throw in some other views of the Chiara on my Real Leg:

Remember, too, that because of use of flash, the brown looks a bit lighter here than its actual chocolate. But all in all? These bootsies have made Real Girl a happy camper. And by "camper," I mean of course "Someone who never camps but has cute cheap boots, so there."

OKAY girls, sharing time!! What are your favorite boots? Shoes? Brands? Stores? Cheap or pricey, it's time to talk footwear! Mmmm. Fooootwear.

With love from,
Real Girl