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Thursday, July 20, 2006

You Had Me At "Lip"

Oh, it's a happy, happy day. I'm finding new lip glosses to fall in love with faster than Madonna can buy red Kabbalah bracelets. At last count, the number of lip balms and glosses in my purse has reached a total of 6. And they are all must-haves.

Like the latest! The very nice ModelCo lip gloss. If this is, indeed, the lip gloss that models wear? I need to gain 6 inches and lose 10 years and call Elite up quick!

Before we dish gloss, though, Real Girl must give "big ups" to her Australian crew. Almost from the beginning, Real Girl Beauty has developed an inexplicable following in Australia. And Real Girl *hearts* her Australians. So how sad she gets when they comment that they can't find a product she recommends, or that shipping is nonexistent or too expensive.

Ozzies? ModelCo is an AUSTRALIAN company! Here's the down under website.

Mmm, I've got "Guava" on now, and it tastes grapey. The "Passionfruit" color has a hint of watermelon in the flavor. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

We all know what makes a superb lip gloss, so I'll check off the lovelies as we go:

1. Color. Passionfruit is a hot pink color that comes out of the tube looking fresh and fun, with just the slightest hint of pink that looks quite pretty on this non-pink gloss wearer. Guava is a darker, deep berry hue that wears like your natural lip color--as you wish it could be. I've been using Guava almost every day now; it's the perfect hint of color (lighter than you'd think) and the most beautiful, glassy shine.

2. What's that you say, Real Girl? SHINE? Oh, the glassiness of these little tubes! It's the total coveted MAC effect--a pretty, summery lip shine without sparkle needed to make your lips look and feel completely juicy.

3. But if the gloss gives the MAC effect, does it have the goopiness? That sticky, don't-want-to-smack-my-lips texture? Oh, girls. This lip gloss feels soooooo good. What a beautiful moisturizing effect ModelCo has achieved with their glosses. They are a joy to wear with no stickiness to speak of--only a soft, supple, kissable pucker. If you use just a little, you can even treat the gloss as a shiny balm. Apply more, and there's that coveted glassery. (And yes, in Real Girl language, glassery is a word. Just check the glossery. Mmmm. Glosssssery.)

4. As to being literally kissable? ModelCo is probably not your best gloss for kissing. It'll come off on his (or her, we don't discriminate!) sexy pout rather than staying put on yours. The best you can do is to apply only a little if you'll be sucking face. The colors are subtle enough so that your partner will inherit some of your shine, but not likely much tint--and little sparkle.

5. I've been trying to figure out what ModelCo lip gloss's tastes remind me of, and it just came to me! It's totally Skittles. Considering that both my colors have slightly different flavors, I can't wait to try more! The clear gloss is called "lychee," and I so need to get that on my next Sephora jaunt. So think fruity--not overpowering, but not for fruity candy haters.

So girls, have you tried ModelCo products? Got great lip stuff to dish about? Anything at all?

With love from your,
Real Girl