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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

ANTM Premieres...and JOY oh JOY!

The Joy oh Joy part comes because the RGB Boutique is taking a lot longer to stock with products than I thought it would. But this is because I'm finding SO MANY great products to include with the ones I've written about in these pages. Like lip balms in every desireable flavor imagineable. Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Hazelnut, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Brown Sugar & Cinnamon, Cream Filled Cake. And that's just the beginning of all the amazing flavors and other extraordinary products that will be available.

Um...I think Real Girl will be frequenting the Real Girl Beauty Boutique. Why did I think this was a good way to make money again?

The other thing happening this week? The premiere of America's Next Top Model on Wednesday 9/20!! Remember when I saw Tyra Banks? (I have gotten *so* better at Photoshop since then!)

I'll be going to an ANTM premiere party, for which my friend Liz and I have perfected the best ever America's Next Top Model drinking game. So that you, too, can enjoy the Tyrabration to its fullest, I'll share here! Make sure to print it out and enjoy with friends. Or, you know, by yourself. Lordy knows I will every Wednesday night!

Tyra says "Miss Jay": Drink.
Tyra mentions her mother: Drink.
Nigel ogles a teenager: Drink.
Contestant declares "I'm not here to make friends": 1 Drink. This is followed by "I'm here to win": 2 Drinks.
Tyra tells model wannabe that she has to "believe in herself": 1 Drink
Contestant cries about missing her boyfriend: Drink.
Guest spot by crazy Janice Dickenson: Chug.
A contestant stumbles on the runway: Drink.
Tyra displays how she can express SO MUCH with just her EYES: Chug.
Tyra talks with a British accent: Try not to hurl.
Models do a runway show or other posing while bored at home: drink
Someone says "fierce": drink
Someone says "step it up": drink
Tyra pulls up bangs and uses phrase "five-head": drink
Trya tells models about how hard she had it in her day: drink until she's done
Contestant overcomes non-ugly physical handicap: Drink
Tyra talks about the "hard work" it takes to be a model: Drink
Judges tell contestant to "remember her neck": Drink
Contestant is told she is "so pretty in person" but "I don't see that in this photo": Drink
Someone is accused of an eating disorder: Drink
Someone's told she's eating too much: Eat
Judges say: "...but standing in front of me now, you don't look like a model.": drink
Model stumbles in high heels because she's not used to them: drink
Models mispronounce obvious words/designers: drink for each one
Contestant is told she is the “shortest” and so must work “extra hard”: Drink.
Tyra French accents away for “Giles Bensimon”: Drink
Model makes up a word she thinks is actual English: Drink
Models scream like maniacs when they see Tyra: Drink
Tyra exclaims over anyone’s booty, including her own: Drink
Miss Jay rolls his eyes: Drink
Tyra instructs models that they have to “do it like this, see? Like this.” Drink.

Enjoy my lovelies! And add more in comments if you've got 'em!! My fashion show report--along with my favorites from Fashion Week--are coming this weekend! xx RG