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Monday, June 12, 2006

Fixer Upper

Update: Here's the link to the story of my reading last week. And the foibles and hilarity that ensued...

Wow, talk about busy weeks! I'm going through product-talk withdrawal, folks. But of course I've still been testing, and I've got a whole slew of goodies to bring you in the future! Also, stay tuned for a link to a full retelling, with pictures, of my first reading of Pick Me Up, which seemed doomed from the start--and yet pulled through in the end. Much like a chick lit plot!

Let's start our return to product gabbing with a practical tool. A fixer-upper for those of us (and here I have to holla at myself) who are perpetually ruining our self-manicure or pedicure with a stray dab of polish. Am I the only one with constant shaky-hand?

My old method of manicure clean up was to take a Q-tip, twist the end tight, and douse in nail polish remover. Then I'd rub off all my mistakes around my fingers, toes, and cuticles. The major drawback with this method, however, is that occasionally a stray string of Q-tip cotton would cement itself on my manicure. Not cute.

But with Sephora's Nail Polish Corrector Pen, I'm happy to say that my nail polish blunders are much easier to clean up! And for only $6, you won't have to feel like you're splurging.

The pen has an angled tip with nail polish remover, so you can just edge it over your boo-boos. Make sure you grip the pen pretty far down, near your nail, so you can get the most control. I did find that sometimes the pen took off a wee bit more than I wanted it to at the sides, but with practice and a lower grip, I got the hang of it.

One drawback is that the pen's tip is not so easy to clean. I swiped a tissue wet with nail polish remover over it, but since I used dark polish, some of the stain remained. You probably want to keep that tip as clean as possible, but don't rub it with a cotton ball (cotton strings! argh!). If you tissue wipe it with nail polish remover, as I did, you should be good for the future. So far no color from past manicures has tainted the ones after it.

So there you go! A practical and economical post! I've got a couple sunscreens I'm eager to talk about: one drugstore, one department store. Which one do you guys want to hear about first? There are other goodies, too, coming down the line for your producty pleasure.

Ok, girls! Let me hear you talk about nails, make up tools, practical tips, anything at all!

And I remain your,
Real Girl

P.S. How much do you guys rock with your literary support? HARD CORE, baby. Super hard core rocking going on.