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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Super Scents and Sale--Swell!!

Good lord, folks, there's been lots going on. Including a story about how Major League Baseball invited me to blog with them (!!??!!). Maybe we'll save that for an update, though, because right now, we've got PRODUCT to talk about.

Don't worry, I've got tons of bodytastic posts coming soon. But this one? This one's for your nose. And for your peace of mind. I want to share with you something that just makes me happy. I've been wanting to tell you about this great purchase for a long time!

Now, you'd be hard pressed to find someone less "New Agey" than La Real Girl, but I admit to believing in the power of scent. Not "aromatherapy" so to speak, in that different scents make you feel different things, but rather the idea that a beautiful smelling place can really cheer a person up. Or at least, cheer me up.

For years, Real Girl has been looking for the perfect room spray. Yes, I love a good scented candle, but sometimes you need something faster. Anyone with a pet or a guy around the house will understand what I mean. But my qualifications for a good room spray are steep, indeed. The Perfect Spray must be:
1) Not too expensive. Because, hello? It's room spray. I love you, Votivo, but I'm not quite willing to part with $15 for fancy Glade.
2) Lovely smelling. None of this alcohol-slash-flowers-slash-lemon-pine thing.
3) Potent, but not ovrepowering. Don't sting my nose, mother fluffer.

Ladies (and gentlemen?), I introduce you to Bath and Body Works' White Barn Candle Co. Fragrance Sprays for Home. Which, by the way? Are so on sale it's like they're giving them away. As in, Two for $5 sale!

Buying two? Is a good idea. I've got four, and I won't part with any of them. "Spiced Cider" smells exactly like what it says. "French Vanilla"? A calming, peaceful vanilla. "Cucumer Melon" is sweet and juicy. And I can't go to sleep without spraying "Coconut Lime Verbena" high over my bed. Somehow coconut and lime combine in the most delicious not-too-sweet-or-sour misty goodness.

What I'm still dying to try? "Bartlett Pear." (But will it be too sweet?) "Brown Sugar and Fig." (Oh GOD yes!) "Creamy Caramel." (Can I eat you?) "Creamy nutmeg."(Too spicy?) "Fresh Vanilla." (Oh dip I bet it's fresh, yo.) "Red Delicious" (As in apple? Yes please!) and "Warm Vanilla Sugar." (Moans with pleasure.)

Am I too cool to spray each and every one right there in the store? Please! I will so be spraying and sniffing at the Bath and Body Works store very darn soon to see which two of the above desired fragrances will be joining their scenty sisters chez moi.

A word of caution: The sprays are potent at first spritz. Do not spray at someone's face!! It's best to spray away from any people. (This sounds like common sense, but I thought I'd throw it in just in case!) But once diffused, the scent will be pervasive and lovely. It lasts just long enough in the air, and that little bottle packs surprising duration. My most often spritzed one still seems about half full and I've been using it for ages.

I hope you'll treat yourself to this great summer scentathon. A pretty-smelling room is a cheap way to relax at the end of a long day, and I'm thrilled to pass the tip along--from one Real Girl to another.

But what about you guys? Room scent tips? Bath and Body Works items we should look for in their grand sale? Anything at all??

Much love!!

P.S. Do I keep one of my precious room sprays right near the powder room at all times? Why yes. Yes, I do. My bathroom is infinitely better because of Bath and Body Works!