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Monday, February 07, 2005

I'm Such A Lush...Lover!

Ok, first of all, wanna know what Real Girl learned today?

When you hear an incessant, glaring, high-pitched beeping outside your window at six o'clock in the morning? And it sounds like the alarm clock in hell, which you can never shut off because, hello, you're in hell? You know that that sound means?

It means "Law and Order" is filming on your street, so they have to tow away all the cars. It also means that you will be foggy-headed for the rest of the day, with puffy eyes ringed by deep, dark circles. Sigh. I don't know which "Law and Order" it was--whether it was Special Victims Unit, or the Not-So-Special Victims Unit (where they solve the case whenever they damn feel like it because You Are Not Special), or any other of the gagillion "Law and Orders" on TV. But Mom? I know you watch EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. So be on the look out for my block.

Now, on to more important matters. Here's a sentence I've never heard come out of anyone's mouth: "Lush products? Eh, they're okay." No, no, no. That would be like saying, "But I don't need another pair of shoes," or "What's lip liner?" or "Green mascara? Great idea!"

The Lush product line--hand-made with delicious natural ingrediants (they even tell you who made yours, and on what day)--has a cult following unlike any I've seen before. Its devotees spread the word like gospel. In fact, until fairly recently, whenever Real Girl heard that a friend was going out of the country, she would uncontrollably spew out "OH MY GOD YOU HAVE TO GET ME LUSH." Because back then? You couldn't GET these splendiferous prodcuts in the United States. Back then? We lived in a barren wasteland of Lushlessness. We were falling apart at the seams. Chaos reigned. I don't know if you realized it, but back then, your life was incomplete.

So now? We've got Lush! Here's a list of stores. Run, I tell you. Run. Even if just to stand in the store and inhale. Because there's the Scent of Lush in every store. You'll know it immediately whenever you smell it. Like Pavlov's dog, that scent will be your cue to salivate. Unlike Pavlov's dog, it will also be your cue to pull out your credit card and max the sucker out. See how those opposable thumbs come in handy?

Real Girl discovered La Lush while she was living in London--where, it must be said--the products are still cheaper. Here in the States, we're charged more because we've got to import from Canada. So you guys outside the US? You who can't get Sephora shipping? See how lucky you are!!??

In any case, I think y'all can guess what's coming next. Because if Real Girl's got a middle name, its Listy McListy Pants. So. Here. My favorites:

Lite Lip Balm: This thick balm goes on smooth and seals in moisture like you wouldn't believe. Also? It smells like roses.
Sympathy for the Skin: One of my favorite body moisturizers ever. Rich but not goopy, with a natural scent that mixes vanilla, almond, cocoa butter, and banana.
Dream Cream: Another to-die-for moisturizer, this one smelling like tea tree oil. The website says it's for irritated skin, but I love it on my regular skin.
Ocean Salt: I wouldn't use this as a cleanser, which is what the website says, but I love it as a facial scrub. Beware thee with sensitive skin, though, and only use it about once or twice a week. It's strong stuff, but it's got these great mineral oils that don't make me break out (a miracle!) and feel so good on the dry parts of my combination skin. I just adore it!
I Should Coco Soap: I'm such a sucker for coconut in soap. My skin just eats it up.
Celestial Facial Moisturizer: I used this for years. It's supposed to be for sensitive skin, and it's nice and light and coolingly calm. BUT in the interest of full disclosure, I should say that this is the facial moisturizer that suddenly, for no apparent reason, made Real Girl break out. I've used, like, a dozen pots of it with no ill effects! But I guess my skin thirsts for something new. And as y'all know, more on that another time.

Now, with a shout out to S, we go on to my 2 newest favorites. S, another Lush Junkie, gave me these over the holidays. She even put them in the sweetest wee bag with purple fuzzy feathers. So cute.
Sandstone Soap: What a good body exfoliator! Too rough to use directly on the skin, but if you lather up the sand particles with the soap first in your hands, it works beautifully. It has a strong lemony scent.
Whip Stick: I haven't a clue why you can't buy this lip balm on Lush's website, especially since it's featured in a photo on their home page. But it's so yummy! It smells like chocolate and orange oil, and it's creamier than the Lite Lip Balm. I use this one during the day and the Lite at night (under my ubiquitous Cool Reflections, of course).

Come on, all you Lush gals out there. (And guys!) What are your favorites? Or do you have any criticisms? Anything to say at all? Questions?

I remain your,

Real Girl