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Monday, January 10, 2005

Dare to hope

As you lovely people know, Real Girl is in the midst of crisis. Suddenly, out of the blue, her long time sensitive-skin-winter-daytime-facial-moisturizer has started to give her spots. I say "spots," like the British, because the alternatives (rhyming with "fits" and "wimples") sound too profoundly ewwy for this gorgeous pink page of goodies.

Is this the most horrible skin care problem Real Girl has ever had? Erm, no. Said product has ceased to be used, and my skin is back to normal. Real Girl also plans to find a new humectant toute de suite, most likely one of the Clinique products, since the majority of your comments extol their virtues mightily--and Real Girl trusts your judgments. Why? Because you're all Real Superstahs. Strike a pose now, dahlings.

Anyway. From the oyster of my conflict comes this silky pearl to share with you. The whole Spot Fiasco has brought about a reunion with one of Real Girl's favorite summer prodcuts. There it was, so lonely in my medicine cabinet, dreaming of the August days when Real Girl would lovingly caress her face with its precious, dewy drops. Surely Real Girl's prized summer moisturizer wouldn't have a chance against the chill winds of winter!...Right?

Wrong!! God, I love this product. It's Philosophy's When Hope is Not Enough serum. It is chock full of antioxidants including Vitamins C and E, as well as peptides, and soy. But here's the best part. For realsies, it's a miracle and a wonder. The serum dries like water. No joke. You put the liquid on your face, it dries, and you've got all its healthy, age-fighting, sun-damage-expelling goodness blanketing your skin with NOT A SINGLE AFTER AFFECT. No oilies, no creamy feeling. And yet, it's got moisturizing powers. This has got to be hands-down one of the best moisturizing, antioxidant products for people with oily or combination skin ever created. Scared of moisturizer? Convinced that even oil-free products secretly conspire to make you break out? OR--do you just love your moisturizer to bits, but need some extra antioxidant protection to fuel you through the day? Then this be the product for you.

Ok. So $35 is pretty steep for something that dries like water. But think about what's left behind on your skin--all those free radical fighting vitamins and relief from the tight, stretchy, dry feeling your skin gets after washing. I just sighed so loudly with pleasure, I'm surprised you didn't hear it. Or...did you?

Got your own oily skin moisturizer to crow about? (Thanks to Amalah for suggesting Ahava!) Or suggestions for those with stunningly dry skin? Had any experience with When Hope is Not Enough or other Philosophy products? Just feel like giving a shout out? Do share!'re a Real SUPERSTAH.

And I remain your,

Real Girl