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Thursday, January 13, 2005


Ok. So you know that adorable Lulu Guinness bag Real Girl has that looks like a dollhouse? With gingham curtains and a kitty in the backyard? Or the soft brown suede bag, with the white lace, the velvet ribbon, and the cameo? Or all those tops, the ones you squeal over, like that silk jersey with the art deco broach at the nadir of the low-cut neckline? Well, honey, that's just a chip off the fashion iceberg.

It's all from Real Girl's splurgiest land of splurgerific splurginess, Since 1999--since the last millennium, people--I have been worshipfully buying from this site. Bags, earrings, tops, boy briefs, even legwarmers-slash-spats, and more. And guess what? Guess whatywhatywhatywhaty what? It's.....SALE TIME! Jump around! Fling up your hands! Dance like you feel it in your bones! Now, say it with me, because it's curative. TWENTY PERCENT OFF!!! Hallelujah, AMEN!

Just make sure to include the code "mespree05" at checkout. It's good from now until at least January 17th, when the sale "opens to the public" and word gets out...

Don't worry. I'm not about to set you free amongst all that merchandise without some necessary direction. So here's Real Girl's list of absolute faves (because Real Girl loves lists like Carrie Bradshaw loves shoes. Or, um, like Real Girl loves shoes). You might call it your guide to Utopia.

The two necklaces above are what I'm currently most dying for, found here and here.

But I also looooove
This mini knitted bag, with its crafty, vintage feel.
This blazer, with its whimsical decals.
This strapless top, because Bohemian sex goddess much?
The longest, sweepingest earrings with all their fluid dangliness.
These yummy looking bath products I want to use with a spoon.
This funkified pencil skirt that's so Marilyn Monroe meets Gwen Stefani (but not Gwen Stefani as she's mentioned below...which you'll so understand when you get there).
These pants? With high boots?
That top. You know, the one you wear out with jeans.
It's like Burberry! For your feet! Too fab to take.
It's a capelet! No, it's a shrug! It's a capelug! (A shrapelet?)
Double stranded! Green! Pretty!
When quilting goes right. Keep your bee. Gimme my clutch.
Wouldn't this coat look adorable with the Burberry-esque boots?, it's my duty, as your Real Girl, to also point out the few...shall we say...missteps you might find along the way, but only because nobody's perf:

Gwen Stefani? With your L.A.M.B. (Love, Angel, Music, Baby) clothing line? What were you thinking, darlin'?
And who, who needs to wear the plague on their legs?
And, finally, just when you thought Tom Cruise was the Last Samurai...

Remember! "Mespree05" at checkout! 20% off! Share your favorites! And make me verrrrry jealous.

From one Real Girl to another