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For every girl who's imagined herself as Lucky Magazine's "Lucky Girl." Or who's conquered her addiction to the bitchier-than-thou forums. Or who reacts every day to her Daily Candy email with the same: "Who can afford that?" Here are some heartfelt health and beauty tips from one Real Girl to another.

Thursday, January 06, 2005


Over the holidays, Real Girl had a conversation that went something like this:
Other Party: You have a health and beauty blog?
Real Girl: Yes! Yes I do! It's special. I talk about lip balm and brow shaping and conditioned hair and--
Other Party (cutting Real Girl off before she even gets to the good part): What kind of health?
Real Girl: Oh. Right. Health. Healthy, healthy Real Girl. Yay nutrients!... You gonna eat that chocolate?

So here's my second healthy post (the first, of course, being the superest Superfood ever).

But before we go there...Guess what? Yee! Real Girl got a hair cut!!! Which she really, really needed! (You hear that everybody? You may now greet me in some way other than "Your hair is so loooong.") So now, three inches lighter, my hair bounces jauntily on my back rather than clinging to it like a blanket. For this, we can thank Julie at Ruby 6 who we love because 1) She has candy apple red hair and is the coolest East Village hair dresser in the history of East Village hair dressers. 2) She does not judge or sneer at you in any way if...say...instead of candy apple red, you would actually prefer the perfect caramel colored highlights for your own fab coif. Mixed from 2 colors specially by La Julie. AND re-mixed if the color doesn't look EXACTLY how you want it. 3) She knows that you are Lady Samson and your power lies in your hair and length is important to you. So somehow, three inches lighter, your hair still looks long and lush and now healthy. Yippeeeee! Oh, and Ruby 6 is the cutest spot ever, with plush red couches and the sweetest, girly bathroom with all new tiles and fixtures, all shiny and bright. And Julie's phone number is 212-979-0899. In case you need a hot new stylist. And you're in or near New York. Tell her Real Girl sent you!

Except...this isn't a beauty post. Sniffle. It's about health. And...bear with me, because I promise it's worth it...flossing.

Travel with Real Girl now, if you will, in the Real Girl Time Machine, alllllll the way back to early 2002. There's RG in the dentist's chair (not leaning back all the way, because--hello, crushed hair?). There's the hygienist scraping my teeth. My well cared for, never a cavity teeth. So damn, why does it hurt so much!? "You're getting gingivitis," Hygienist says. "You should really floss."

Erm. Yes. I know. Of course I know I should floss. But Real Girl has a tiny mouth. Look at the picture. I'm telling you--it's itty bitty. "Rosebud lips," Real Mom calls them. Shoving my fists in there with a string of dental floss IS NOT FUN.

Enter Flossies. Actually called "Floss sticks" or "Floss picks" or whatever else is less cute than "Flossies!" They are so good for your gums it's ridiculous. Just slide the little threaded head between the teeth, on either side of the gums, ten seconds, and you're through. And the other end doubles as a tooth pick! You know, for those times when you've got something in your teeth and you're trying to get it out with your fingernail while both saving your manicure and not looking like a jackass...

The flossies in the link above are the cheapest I've found per flossie by far. The Duane Reade brand pack of 90 sells for about $5, and they also sell a brand called Daiwa that's 100 for $3.50. This one's $8.99, but for a whopping 300 flossies! And each little one fits in your purse!

So fast forward in the Real Girl Time Machine (not too far! there might be wrinkles there!) to late summer 2004. Utter despair. Real Girl has never gone so long without a trip to the dentist. She must have cavities! And horrible gum disease! And OH GOD it's going to hurt when they do the awful SCRAPING THING! Except...nuh-uh. It's a breeze. No pain at all. The pinkest, healthiest gums ever. "You've got great oral hygiene," the Hygienist says, winking. Real Girl thinks: Why can't he be Orlando Bloom?

So what are you waiting for? Go floss!

Real Girl

P.S. Scared of highlights? Don't want to have to worry about growing them out? Julie does this coolest thing ever where she can give you highlight hair extensions! In any color! Blending in with your own hair. She rocks my world.

And this is her cat.