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Friday, December 10, 2004

Announcementy-Type Thingie

Ok. So in no way does this post mean you shouldn't read and respond to yesterday's post below, which is all-important and time sensitive, and will self-destruct after tomorrow (Saturday).

But it seems many of Real Girl's readers have been frustrated with the comment system here, and the lovely Liz Is Working has suggested an alternate provider of commentliciousness that I will be attempting to switch to in the near future. I'm hoping even you nice powerless-to-post Mac folks will be able to use the new system, but we shall see. So, same URL! Same webpage! Just new commenting system that will let you link to your own exciting pages full of bloggy goodness.

Bad side: All your comments before now go away. Real Girl then cries, her eyes get puffy, and no one wants to look at her ever again. She dies alone in the Asylum for the Tear-Marked And Red-Faced. You know, that big building on the Upper East Side.

Solution: I have copied all your helpful, insightful comments word for word and will repost them when I get the new comment provider!

And yes, if you happen to decide to comment on this announcement, I'll copy that too.