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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Oh Holy Presents

Joy o joy o joy o joy o joy!

Guess what?

Real Mom is taking her beloved only daughter to the department store of my choice (such a decision. Saks? Bergdorf's? Bloomies? Love Barney's, but the make up's not the bestest) to buy products. Didja hear that? PRODUCTS! And I need so much. Especially under eye concealer! And mascara! And lots of other pretty, shiny, glossy, sparkly, heavenly smelling goodie yum yums!!!

Oh yeah, and it's the holidays and giving giving giving, and I'm getting her something too, blah blah.

But I get to pick out what I want!! And if I say how nice and cool and smart and younger-than-her-years my mommy is, maybe she'll UP THE BUDGET!

Real Girl needs a new mascara, by the way. She used to use Lancome (imagine pointy hat on "o") Definicils because *every* magazine says it's the best. But I kind of found Then I used Benefit's BADgal mascara, which plumped up the volume and looked great! But it was runny when Real Girl's eyes teared up, which happens kind of a lot (Wind, you are mine enemy!), so Badgal for me was just Bad. Then I found Maybelline Lash Expansion--which I got in waterproof because of the whole tearing thing (Laughing, too, why must thee vex me?), and it looked the best ever! Length! Volume! Pop your eye out lashes! But honestly? It does not come off. Not with makeup remover, or soap, or turpentine. Only prying that damn mascara off with a tissue will work, and then, well, there go some of your lashes. So, easy peasy, just buy it in non-waterproof, right? Which I did. And...grrrrr. The nonwaterproof version must be heavier, because it tugs my lashes down when I've just spent so much effort curling them up! Why must that needless frustration enter my life?

So. Long lashes that need to be curled seek single black mascara to plump, volumize, and maximize length. Too heavy, too runny, too waterproof need not apply.

My (very nice and cool and smart and younger-than-her-years!) Mom and I are going Saturday. If you've got any suggestions, well, hurry up!

With love (for makeup counters in bright sparkly department stores),
Real Girl