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Monday, November 29, 2004

Not for Boys Brief

On to a subject that's (I could resist, but I'm so not going to) a bit more cheeky.

Real Girl never feels more girlie than when she's in a boy brief. This very moment, she's wearing the pink one by Undergirl sold here at It has a slender white ruffle! It says "Rock me!" It is the cutest thing since puppies! You know, if puppies were sexy.

Attention: These are not your childhood Underoos. These are low rise, waist-elongating, bum cutifying wonder panties. They have a sense of humor. They're playful. They're cotton and therefore comfier than that thong you were planning to wear tomorrow. Real Girl luvs them.

Things to avoid: Remember--after the age of two, diapers are no longer cute. They may become necessary again toward the end of your life, but still, not the look we're going for here. See the photos above for what your boy brief (also known as boy shorts in some places--probably where they call soda "pop") should look like. Waistline is low and lies straight across the hips. Tush should not be sheathed in enough fabric to mimic the Shroud of Turin. Basically, you're going for the opposite of your Christmas bonus hopes. In other words, Keep it skimpy.

Places where you can buy Boy Briefs: Target (though not, alas, online. But at the Brooklyn store, I got adorable Supergirl ones! They had Betty Boop too!), Urban Outfitters, the too cute to handle, also found here, these super sexy ones from Rampage, and a whole slew of others--beware! diapers included! ack!--here.

See? A whole post about boy briefs and not one crack about Michael Jackson.

Got your own fave undies style? Let us know why you love it!

Real Girl