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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Boone Place Holder

OK, I SUCK. There will be no bagerific post tonight, Thursday, because I had to get the production deadline for my novel extended to Monday. Know why? Because there was a GIANT LEAK near my bathtub that went down to the floor below and resulted in much grouting and caulking and Real Boy being a star at the home maintenance.

My headache, it is large. So I will give you a hint about the bag I'll be telling you about THIS WEEKEND I PROMISE I SWEAR I REALLY DO.

It comes in clutch or bangle.

It's not leather.

It is the cutest thing ever.

Unlike my bathroom right now.

And because I love you, I will give you something pretty to look at while you wait patiently. Not me. Oh, no. I'm the one with the enormous, wide, goofy smile that has bunched my cheeks up into my eye sockets. No, the pretty is the Boone. From Lost! I love ABC's Lost! Ok, so technically he's also known as Ian Somerhalder. He's in a play down the block from my apartment, which my friend E and I saw and LOVED (so so funny!), and he graciously chatted with me afterwards while I secretly bugged the frig out.

Annnnddd now off to clean my bath tub. Joy.