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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I’m Doing The Happy Lip Dance.

(By the way? The below has an actual melody that’s now stuck in my head.)

I’m gonna sing my happy lip song.
Because my darling, I’ve sought you for so long.
I wasn’t even sure that you existed.
But now I am so glad that I persisted!

Because glossy glossy glossy I love you.
Glossy glossy glossy, it’s so true.
When I feel your touch, my lips start to quiver,
But then your silky oils, they calm down my shiver!

(Time for the bridge)

How do you do it? How do you stay so moisturizing?
And at the same time, you’ve found the perfect texturizing.

Glossy glossy glossy I love you!

Can’t you totally picture some 80's balladeer getting down to that? No? Just me? Anyhoo.

Enough skirting around this issue. I’ve already shouted it out my window to the cars on Fifteenth Street. I love this gloss!!! The Body Shop Tropical Lip Duo has simply not left my lips since I nestled it in my handbag. Let’s talk about why.

What do I want in a gloss? I want it to be shiny, but not Paris Hilton shiny. I want it to be sticky enough to stay on, but not so goopy that my lips actually feel glued together. I want my lips to be moisturized, but not so much that the gloss just slides right off after two seconds. But also? I need a good bronzy—not coppery, not brassy, not too brown—color. I think it's a color that works well with almost any skin tone. You’re just gonna have to trust me that the "Bronzed" Lip Duo looks nothing like what’s pictured here. It’s much lighter, much more subtle, much more flattering. And what’s even cooler? The sparkly gloss on the other end? Is the most perfect clear shimmery gloss I’ve ever seen. Let’s say you love the look of clear gloss, but you think yours is too thick, or it’s too much shine for fall, or you think it’s too sparkly. The clear gloss here just gives your lips an extra boost—a natural, non-goopy, non-excessive, sexy shine. And the sparkle merely kicks in a hint of cute. You may just barely notice it.

Not convinced yet? The Tropical Lip Duo is the only—I repeat only—gloss I’ve found that I can wear without lip balm underneath. That’s how good it feels, even as chapping weather approaches. I’m guessing the “Marula Oil” that the Body Shop lists as the active ingredient must be lapping my lips with luscious moisture. As for why the Lip Duos are being called “Tropical,” I confess I’m a bit stymied. In French, this product is called “Duo Levres Exotique,” which I find much sexier, don’t you?

If I’ve piqued your interest, here are a few key points to consider:

1. The Body Shop looooooves to discontinue their products. I’m already planning to buy an emergency Lip Duo this weekend. Also? I'm considering mailing death threats. You know, just in case.
2. Go easy with the applicator wand. This is a fall/winter gloss—high on moisture, but with a more subtle shine than those megawatt summer glosses. Don't try to heap it on too thickly.
3. I haven’t yet tried the “Golden Pink” color, but judging how much darker the “Bronzed” color looks in this picture, I’m guessing it’s much lighter than what you’re looking at.
4. This product costs $12.50. For two glosses. Granted, they’re on the small side, but still—I’m loving the value.
5. I consistently find that the Body Shop’s makeup line is under-rated and under-publicized. Over and over, it’s one of my favorite places to browse.

In conclusion:

Ohhhh, wo-oh-oh. Glossy glossy glossy I lo-ove you!

Start your engines, girls. Because I’m asking you to share your favorite lip gloss. Starting…now!

(Or your fave Body Shop products, questions, anything at all, yada yada.)

With love,
From one Real Girl to another.