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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Great Whitening Experiment 2005

Ok, so this? Is my natural smile. It's not very toothy, which is super great. Because while taking these pictures, I noticed that my two front teeth are oddly jagged and ugly. Why did I notice this now more acutely than I ever have before? Because I took fancy high-res pictures of them with my beloved Canon Elph. (I spared you the pics where the tooth thing is most obvious. Actually, I spared me.)

I will try not to obsess over my teeth and pledge to fix them when I have spare dough for cosmetic dentistry. In the meantime...

These are my before pictures! Considering how much coffee I drink, and blueberries (every day!), and red wine (not quite every day, but hey--it's good for the heart), I don't think my pearlies are too unpearly. But still, they better get a lot damn whiter. Why? Because I'm testing out what's supposed to be the miraculous Crest Whitestrips Premium.

I'm 1 day into the 7 day trial, so hang tight. Although if anyone has tips on how to remove these puppies from your teeth in an elegant manner, I would appreciate the heads up. Right now, when I remove them, it's a drooly, gloppy mess. But why am I ruining all the suspense? You'll hear about it very soon.

And I remain your,

Jagged Toothed Real Girl