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For every girl who's imagined herself as Lucky Magazine's "Lucky Girl." Or who's conquered her addiction to the bitchier-than-thou forums. Or who reacts every day to her Daily Candy email with the same: "Who can afford that?" Here are some heartfelt health and beauty tips from one Real Girl to another.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Favorite Beauty Tips!

First of all, I beseach you, my dearies, don't be intimidated by the contest. It's fun! Just slap together a couple of lines, any length at all. You've got 'til Friday! You'll make Real Girl smile and you might get some yummy samples!

Ok. So. The most common email I get, besides--what's [insert product here] like?--is this: "Real Girl," y'all ask. "Besides the products you use, what tips can you tell us so that we're getting the most out of our beauty routine?"

Erm...well. Ok. So. Tips. See, I think all the little tips and secrets I have are all common knowledge. I've gotten them from magazines mostly, and though I swear by them all, I never thought they'd be that interesting. SO. Here's where it gets good. If I show you mine, will you show me yours? It's a tipathon! Tippity Tiptip Land! Let's all share our little must-do's of our beauty regimens. Me first!

1. This is my fave! It totally works! After applying lip balm or lipstick, dab a dot of clear or gold gloss (or if you're white-pale, clear or peach/beige) on the inner center of your bottom lip. It will totally add the illusion of volume and it will be sexy as hell.

2. After you apply your anti-aging and sunscreen products on your face, wipe the extra on your neck. Because who wants to be Waddle Duck Wrinkle Neck? Also, don't forget your lips, including the outer outline. Who wants those feathery lines that leech out your lipstick?

3. Another Real Girl Must: The inner eye corner brightening trick. For day, dab concealer on the inner corners of your eyes to instantly illuminate your whole face. For night, use white eye shadow or a light-refracting product.

4. This seems so common sense...but I always put clear nail polish over my mani or pedi the day after and then every other day after that to make it last.

5. You're all exfoliating before shaving your legs, right? (Thee who don't wax, that is.) It will get rid of all the dead skin cells to give you a much closer shave.

6. After applying lip balm from a tin, I love to rub the extra balm into my cuticles. Why wipe it off on a tissue? Tissues don't have lips or cuticles.

7. We went over this one recently: After applying self-tanner, both wash your hands and exfoliate too. Mmmm. Word of the day? Exfoliate. Love it.

8. Ooh! How to wear eye shadow without looking like you're wearing eye shadow. My fave look for day: Using your finger, smudge some brown or bronze eye shadow into your outer eye crease until it looks like a shadow (hee no pun intended). You've just opened up your whole eye! You know, as opposed to just half of it.

9. You don't need a special cleanser for your makeup brushes. In fact, the best product to use is your facial cleanser; that way you're making sure there are no irritating ingredients on your brushes.

10. This tip I got from my beloved hair stylist, Julie: Mixing a teaspoon of baking soda in your shampoo once in a while will completely rid your hair of product build-up! Not that I usually rave about product-free hair, but...Yay!

11. This one's for all you out of towners, the many Real Girl readers in different countries (love you!). Often I get wails of pain from folks without Sephoras or access to some products we take for granted here in the states. Especially in New York! Forget about Sally Struthers's children for a minute. There are people without entire skin care brands out there. And 40 cents a day, the price of a cup of coffee in 1984, ain't gonna get it to them. So. Here's something that will!, which is owned by, will ship to 30 countries worldwide! Yee!

Ok, girls (and guys? Didn't think so.)
What are your fabulous tips! I can't wait to hear!! And try!! Whee!!
Real Girl