Real Girl Beauty

For every girl who's imagined herself as Lucky Magazine's "Lucky Girl." Or who's conquered her addiction to the bitchier-than-thou forums. Or who reacts every day to her Daily Candy email with the same: "Who can afford that?" Here are some heartfelt health and beauty tips from one Real Girl to another.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

The Face of Real Girl

Thank you thank you thank you to my best friend, Madgirl (see sidebar), for her fabulicious portrait of Real Girl. Hopefully when united, she and I are more Mad Real than we are Real Mad... Anyway, since seventh grade, I've known that Madgirl's one super talented lady, and I'm happy that now you can see it too. See? Take another look. Right? I told you!

Thank you thank you thank you also to Real Boy, who enabled Real Girl to course through the net in all her glory. (Meaning, he wrestled photoshop until the sucker got my highlights right. Because clearly, the way to Real Girl's heart is through her hair.) Pixar is working on a movie about Real Boy as we speak; he makes the Incredibles look like the Ehs. Due to his work, I can feel my little molecules coursing through your computer. All I can say is: Hee Hee! (It tickles.)

Both Madgirl and Real Boy are saints to put up with impatient little me who wants everything to look perfect and beautiful RIGHT NOW. But then again, if I didn't search for perfection and beauty...why would I be here?

With love from one Real Girl (in the flesh!!) to another.