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Friday, November 19, 2004

Precious Petals

Now, girls, for a more sensitive subject. And by "sensitive," I don't mean the way your ex-boyfriend promised he felt inside. (Yeah right, buddy). Nope. What I'm talking 'bout is more know...chafing.

What do you do when you can't wear a bra? Let's say you've just bought the most gorgeous low-cut, low-back halter top in light blue silk jersey (Real Girl splurged for her birthday last year). What do you do about round spots you really didn't notice before?

Enter Petals by Fashion Forms. That's right. Stick a flesh-colored flower on them puppies.

You know those fabric-y band aids? Petals are made of a similar material. (They come in "nude" or "toffee" for gals of color.) You peel off the back, place the center padding where you'd least like to be chafed (hi there, nips!), and then press the six petals down around it. You're covered all day and night. That stick-um ain't budging. In fact, if I've got any beef with Petals, it's that the adhesive might be a bit *too* strong. Sometimes, after you peel off the glorified pasty, there's a sticky residue. Nothing soap and water can't handle, but kind of annoying.

Still, I stock up on these babies like nobody's business. Go get that adorable white halter top you've been eyeing. Or that backless number you wish had been made in a softer material. With Petals, you'll be both decent and protected.

This where I buy my Petals. You can get 6 pairs for $10, the best value I've found anywhere. Victoria's Secret sells their own brand for something like $8 for three pairs.
Click here, my lovelies!

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With love from one Real Girl to another