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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Coming Soon!!

The transit strike stole my post again. Sort of.

Tonight, instead of going home, Real Boy walked an extra 20 blocks to my place to surprise me and take me out to dinner. You know, because of all the travel stress. Awwww. So instead of very important beauty reporting, I ate yummy taro wasabi dumplings and key lime pie.

I know, I know. If my post about heat protectant isn't spectacular, you're all going to throw concealer brushes at me. Or worse, foundation bottles. Them things are heavy. Please be nice.

So, Thursday night! After the walking. And the walking. And the falling. And the getting up and walking some more.

Tonight we dish about heat protectant.

Also? I'm hoping we get some subway service. Can we have some trains please? PLEASE?