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For every girl who's imagined herself as Lucky Magazine's "Lucky Girl." Or who's conquered her addiction to the bitchier-than-thou forums. Or who reacts every day to her Daily Candy email with the same: "Who can afford that?" Here are some heartfelt health and beauty tips from one Real Girl to another.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Real In Real Girl

Saaaadly I do not have the time tonight for my Real Girl tip post (coming Wednesday night! Promise!) So instead, I will indulge another of your email requests (most recently asked by Bethany. Hi Bethany!) to post another pic.

In honor of this weekend, when Real Boy and I attend our final Mets game of the season, I submit here Exhibit A: How to be a Real Girl at a ball game.

Pink hat? Check.
Flirty yet age-appropriate pigtails? Check.
Flawless, makeup free complexion? HAHAHAHAHAHA.


I've got it all on, babes. The Clinique Quick Corrector concealer, the Brow Zings, the Body Shop Shimmer Waves, and the Aveda Lip Tint--all my Must Haves I've talked about at length in the past ten months.

I love looking fresh faced. As long as "fresh" means "really made up, even though you can't see it. Psych!"

More beauty talk soon. Enough of me, me, me, me. Bo-ring.
But I remain your,
Real Girl xx

P.S. Am I the only one who thinks my boobies look ferociously lopsided here? It's the shirt.