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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

For the Pore Whores...Awwww Yeah.

By popular demand, here comes a review of the 2nd of 3 Paula’s Choice products I’ve been sampling: Paula’s Choice 1% Beta Hydroxy Acid Gel.

Why? Because no one loves a dirty pore.

We’ve already talked about the effects of exfoliating, which lifts off that dead layer of skin you’ve got hanging around just waiting to set up shop in your precious poresies. But only Beta Hydroxy Acid—aka salicylic acid—can break through oil and lift out all those impurities. So let’s get to the point. Want clearer pores? Use salicylic acid. Want it to actually work? Go beyond the wash-scrub option and let the BHA do its stuff. I’ve been using my salicylic acid gel for about three weeks, and I can really say I’ve seen a difference. My skin overall looks more vibrant and glowy (but not more shiny), and my pores have never looked better. Don’t expect miracles—it’s not like my pores have suddenly vanished. I still see them. I say hi to them. I ask them to stay pink and as wee as possible. But this product helps, no doubt, in overall complexion quality.

Now let’s play a game of “if your skin is…” I’ll start! My skin is combination, with dryness around nose and chin and shininess at the forehead and cheeks (though not too bad). I don’t actually have blackheads, but there are some kinda gray heads around my nostrils. (Mmm. Lovely mental picture there.) Overall, I’d say I veer toward what cosmetics companies usually consider “normal.” So I chose a mild salicylic acid concentration in a gel rather than a lotion. But what’s your skin like, my dearie?

--If super blackhead prone and super oily: Try 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid Liquid: The liquid’s like a toner, and the 2% concentration will fight that dirt out of your poresies.

--Somewhat cloggy, combination, a wee bit shiny: Join me in my appreciation of La 1% BHA Gel

--On the dry side but still cloggy: 1% Beta Hydroxy Acid Lotion (I’ll probably need this in winter.)

--On the dry side and noticeably blackheady: 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid Lotion

For sensitive skin, definitely stick to the lower concentrations, and I might go for the lotion, actually. The gel could be on the drying side for la sensitive skin.

Don’t be scared to call for samples. I found the Paula’s choice folks to be very helpful in that department. Can't hurt to try.

All I can say is I love my new more illuminated-looking skin. Real Boy noticed the difference too! Although I confess my recent lack of sleep has ruined the effect a bit. I miss sleep. I miss glowy skin. And I thought my undereye bags were bad before...You know Kimora Lee Simmons’s famous gigantic Louis Vuitton luggage? Right. That collection ain’t got nothing on my eye bags. I’m thinking of having little LVs tattooed on my DAMN HUGE SAGGY PUFFS.


Love from one Real Girl
to another.

Any questions? Complexion improvers to recommend? Skin care stories to share? You know I wanna hear ya!