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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

"Anti"oxidants? Try "Diebitch"oxidants.

Ah! Real Girl has been working night and day on her book revisions before starting her new career...But how could I resist a break to discuss those precious darlings, sweet sweet antioxidants? Awww yeah.

But this one is a toughie.

You know that guy who’s perfect on paper? The one you want to like soooo badly, because hello, he's soooo perfect? He’s got the fab job, gorgeous house, good looks, kind heart…but then you go on your first date—and, well, the chemistry’s just not there?

Yeah. Apparently, that works for products too.

Damn it.

God, Paula's Choice Super Antioxidant Concentrate has everything on paper. A healthy, face-saving slew of antioxidants. You’ve heard my antiox spiel before—let’s fight those free friggin’ radicals. Briefly, free radicals are oxygen molecules that are missing an electron. So they start taking electrons from healthy molecules, which—thanks, stupid free radicals—are then missing electrons and need to take them from other healthy molecules. So the chain continues. And you get friggin’ wrinkles. See why we hate the free radicals so much? With big bushels of blazing, crazy hate? Stupid mother crapping assholes.

Right, then.

I’ve mentioned my favorite antioxidant product before, and I still love it. Because it feels so good. Cooling, calming, just like silky water kissing my face. However. With most antioxidant products, you face one crucial challenge: you can’t be sure what the concentration of antiox goodies actually is. Perhaps there are enough ingredients there to kill the Evil Ones. But…perhaps not. Also? Damn, those bitches be expensive.

Which brings us to the Paula’s Choice Super Antioxidant Concentrate. Man, those are some impressive ingredients. Vitamin C to increase skin’s ability to neutralize free rads. Vitamin E—one of the strongest ingredients to protect your precious cells. Vitamin A, both antioxidant and retinoid. Lycopene and Lutein, vegetable antioxidants that work best when extracted, as they are here. See what I mean? This product is PERFECT ON PAPER.

And then…you go on the first date. Truly, I just don’t understand this product. On her website, Paula goes on about the silky, non-greasy feel. What am I missing? To me, this product felt kind of…odd. Not quite, but almost a little…slimy. It doesn’t spread easily. You’re supposed to only use a few drops, but I don’t see how that little will get over your whole face. Should I be using a cotton ball? Should I be tapping at my face more? I figured the tapping is the best option, and that worked okay. Perhaps I just need more practice? Still, I don’t know about this just a few drops thing…

But don’t judge yet! The product does achieve a silky, soft, smooth finish after it dries, and it’s entirely workable under makeup and/or moisturizer. And lordy the price. The price is like a gift from heaven. Antioxidant products tend to be expensive—especially those with more than one antioxidant. This product has no less than five powerful antioxidants. It has everything your skin will need (besides sunscreen, people!) to fight those free radicals. And it’s under $20!!! But truly the best thing about this product is that it will—from what I can tell—actually work.

And you know what? We’re not talking about the perfect guy. We’re talking about your face. I, for one, want the solace of knowing that my products are working for me. That the concentration of ingredients is enough to make a difference. Because at the end of the day, if the guy ain't right, he can go. The odd texture and imperfect-feeling application? Well, that I can live with.

But what are your favorite antioxidant products? Any questions about ingredients? Got anything to say at all, my lovelies?

I remain your,

Real Girl